Wednesday, September 2, 2009

17 Again

I can't believe you are seventeen!
I was just seventeen....well okay it's been a while but still. Where does the time go?
I just wanted to tell you and the world, that you make me proud and I love you.
Enjoy your youth, enjoy no commitments, no responsibilities, traveling, becoming, learning, and growing up. Take your time. I love you and happy Birthday.
I am so happy you are my son.
Love Mom


SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

Happy birthday! And congrats to the proud MOM! ;)

plaidshoes said...

Wow, 17! Happy Birthday!

I feel like I was just 17, too ;-)

robert said...

Half my age - what a nice memory to think of.

Happy Birthday also from Athens, Greece.

Saieef ahmdya said...

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