Thursday, September 3, 2009

New School Year



I've been so busy this week with Phase-In etc. that I haven't posted anything. I wanted to share about our classroom pet, Dorothy, the gold fish. Little One, who started PRESCHOOL today, promptly placed a pine cone from the nature shelf in her tank upon being introduced. She has survived and hopefully will continue to survive for years to come. However, because I don't want the children to touch our gold fish, I needed to created something the children could do to become aquainted with Dorothy.
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Second picture: Our hand washing station! I'm excited about this...more about it soon.
I hope all of you have had a wonderful first week back to school. I'm ending this week feeling excited about the year ahead. It's such an honor being entrusted to care for these amazing little people.

Little One is off to a good start too. He seems to really enjoy his primary classroom and teachers. So far so good. Fingers crossed :)



Gypsy said...

ooh, looking forward to hearing more about the handwashing station - it looks great. And to find out more about the goldfish. Did you get my etsy message by the way?

Montessori Mama said...

Thanks Gypsy, not sure if I got your comment?? Is there a question about your order? J

Gypsy said...

Hi J
No order - I just wanted to use a photo of yours (of the 'we went walking' story extension) - I have the post up now but have just linked to you - I am using it as an example of the Montessori approach to literacy - comparing it to Waldorf and Playcentre approaches - I would love to have the actual photo in the post though - obviously with full credit to you and a link. Have a look Cheers

Montessori Beginnings said...

That goldfish activity is brilliant. What a great way to have the children interact with the goldfish!

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