Monday, December 21, 2009

Etsy Shop Announcement

My Montessori Mama Etsy Shop is now closed. I want to thank all of you who have supported me with this project. Sometimes life can be overwhelming even for over achievers. My apologies to any of you who ordered items that you have not yet received, it is my intention to fill your orders and refund your money. Although I do not like receiving angry comments that question if I am a good person, I completely understand your frustrations with me.
That said, I have changed my comment moderation settings.
Again, my apologies to the two customers who have not yet gotten the Montessori Mama products they ordered. They will arrive before the new year.
Etsy still ROCKs, I adore it's home~made goodness and the opportunity it provided me to make connections with other crafty people.


Margaret said...

So sorry about the shop. The knit 'pilot' cap you made for my granddaughter has become an absolute favorite.
You will keep up your Montessori blog ?

Have a wonderful, relaxed holiday season

Gypsy Road said...

Hello again! So sorry to hear about your Etsy shop, but it's a-ok to let go of things that are not bringing peace and joy into your life. Keep doing what you do for you do it well.

I'm dropping back in now that my little Nico is two and ready for all the magic that you share here. He now has a little sis, Annabelle! Thank you for the joy and inspiration that you so graciously share with the world--your contributions have helped shape how I mother my children. Peace to you! ~ Mama J

Gypsy Road said...

Hi again ~ I had to post under my team identity because there was no option for an open URL in the comment box. You may remember me from awhile back...I'm blogging at these days. :) ~ J

Montessori Mama said...

Mama J!!!
I've missed you
Congrats on baby Annabelle!!!
Thank you for your kind words and understanding. It's readers like you that keep this blog going. Thank you, seriously, you don't know how important your comments have been. And to answer Margaret's question: YES!!!
thanks for reading

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