Saturday, December 5, 2009


Inspired by the wonderful and fabulous Maya Made, I put a Toddler spin on this Advent calendar idea and created individual baskets for hiding special treasures in. For a complete tutorial visit Maya Made. The pink strip of tape along the bottom is to cover the staples so little fingers won't get hurt. 
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I cut different color felt shapes and provided my toddler fav, GLITTER GLUE! Look out! These kiddos loved spreading the glue and all the choices (which pipe cleaner color, which shapes to stick on, where to put the glue etc.) For another fun paper towel roll idea visit here. Happy crafting to all.


Summer said...

Those are so cute! I was just pining today that I didn't have enough empty toilet paper rolls to make a tree, but I get if I cut then in half I might be able to make a cute advent like that. Thanks for the inspiration!

mayaluna said...

I love each one! Choices are so important at any age... they're very lucky to have you!

Kristine said...

They look sweet and so simple. They'd be great little favour baskets for a party.

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