Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Gingerbread people decorate our walls this month. No two are alike, just like the children who made them. From foam gingerbread people, felt and ribbon scraps and stars left over from a spooning work.

Baby dolls in need of washing. Warm water and soap suds fill the sensory table and the care of self, identifying body parts and sing begin. Do your toddler friends sing while they enjoy water play?


Here this adorable little guy uses a color pencil and metal inset to form a circle. He's just 18 months old and daily he blows my socks off! Look at his hand placement! Never underestimate a toddler!



Here is the "how to" for the Gingerbread people:
For older twos they can apply their own glue as needed. Younger friends may find squeexing the glue a very difficult task. Helping these friends by spreading the glue on to the surface of the gingerbread person will allow them to be successful when decorating their person. And yes, those are recycled apple sauce containers.
So much more to little time.
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