Tuesday, March 16, 2010

American Montessori Society National Conference 2010

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So here we are just DAYS from the National AMS Conference in Boston and we still don't have our books!!! EEEKKK!
They are being air lifted here, we should have them by Friday.....
Can you tell I'm a little bit anxious?
So what have Montessori Papa and I been up to? Oh my, where to begin?

Each book comes with a hand sewn felt objects(yes sewn by me and several very special elves) together in a felt draw string bag (again hand sewn) that contains the following items:

word cards, felt objects to accompany each card, story extension and word game activity cards and finger puppets that represent each of the characters in each of the six stories.

The finger puppets were made for us by a company in Peru we found through The Green Store here in Belfast Maine. They are bright and colorful finger puppets and our purchase helps provide support the Peruvian women who knit them.

All materials are to big to swallow and made from eco-felt (from recycled plastic), and they are packaged in handmade wooden boxes with seven compartments (made in Maine).

We are hoping to connect with our local children's librarian to have some kind of reception for home-school families, teachers and parents, anyone really, interested in teaching reading the Montessori way.

Our books are intended to be used with children ages 3 to 6 years old in the Montessori classroom and at home. Each of the six hard cover books were written by me in collaboration with my brilliant partner Robin Jettinghoff; all six were illustrated by me. The felt objects, and finger puppets, labels and activity cards etc are all priced differently depending on the story length and number of items etc.

The AMS conference is our first show! If you are planning on attending the Montessori conference PLEASE stop by our ZODIWORKS booth and have a chocolate and meet the Zodi~Gang. I will be bringing Montessori Mama blog with me and posting from the conference; photos and videos (hopefully) and of course my written commentary about the weekend's events. I hope this will help make those of you not attending, who may have wanted to, feel like you are there too. There have been many conferences over the years I have missed due to finances and I thought that I would have really appreciated someone sharing via a blog or flicker or something?

So come along with me and enjoy the high lights of this year's AMS conference!
More info to follow in upcoming posts.


Evenspor said...

How exciting. I can't wait to see more. Good phonetic books and activities are just what we need right now.

Montessori Mama said...

FYI Some of the links don't connect you to anything yet, we have never designed a web page before so there is a big learning curve. Thank for your understanding. I'm excited too!!!
Thanks for your comment.

plaidshoes said...

Good luck! They look just amazing-I can't wait to see the whole package!

Shannon said...

exciting! and, btw, my ECE students are discussing aesthetics in the prek classroom next week and I am beginning the lecture by using "When I make Silence" to set the tone.

Namaste Montessori School said...

Once again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas on your blog. You are inspirational! (I missed the conference this year so I couldn't thank you in person.)

The Sunshine Crew said...

How did it go at the conference? Your blog post is neat...love the little felt items. I would have loved to have made the AMS conference this year...did get to go to the Montessori Foundation's fall conference in Florida and had a great time, though. Would love to buy some materials form you for next year:)

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