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I'm feeling the need to look at things differently. It turns out this school gives me lots of opportunities to stretch my wings and learn to fly. Tomorrow night is our second annual Parent Ed. Night! I've been asked to speak about the language we use when speaking to children. I'm looking forward to it but as usual, I have difficulty figuring out how I will condense what I usually would present in an hour, into a 20 minute talk? Me, long winded? I know you are shocked to read this.
He-he. This week some returning parents have mentioned that they still have my handouts from the last Parent Ed. night. I guess handouts are the way to go.
When the talk is over, I'll post them for all to read. Wish me luck!
Happy Spring.


dl_flores said...

I am about 1-year behind here as I just came across the May 2009 page of your blog... but am wondering if you have any books left? I would really love to buy four. Or at least one.
soon-to-be Montessori trained (2010/2011 school year!)
mother of three (5, 6 and 7 yr old girls)

ps. I seriously enjoy reading your blog. You inspire me. Thank you.
pss. I look forward to seeing handouts of your presentation! Or at least hearing how it went. Wish I could have been there - but I live in the midwest, and not sure I was invited! ;)

Anonymous said...

Poetry of photography

Please have you all a wonderful Thursday.

Where in the World?


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