Friday, October 12, 2007

A Day Away from Toddler Land

A typical Toddler Land conversation goes something like this: What's that? Mine. Are you eating a crayon? No. Mine. That's not safe. Come down, I know you want to climb but you could fall. Listen to Mama. NO. This little piggie...The itsy bitsy spider...Laugh..Scream..Moo cow. No. Mine. Please? This book? No. Up Mama......

You get the idea. I was in need of something more. So recently my husband and I took a mini vacation in celebration of our 13th wedding anniversary. We went just a couple hours south and while away we visited the Portland Museum of Art
We had a lovely afternoon together. We also enjoyed Sushi (our favorite food) and a little early Christmas shopping. Honestly the best part of the whole 30 hour trip wasn't the Museum, shops or the restaurant, it wasn't the hotel or the room service although that was really special. It wasn't where we went it was the company we kept while there. Just to be in each other's company, to share a real conversation with full sentences and without interruptions. Holding the hand of my husband rather than the hand of my toddler was such a nice change.
Now we are back home again and my toddler is so happy. I'm happy too, I know this hand holding stage is short lived. They are only little for a brief minute of time really, then one day they don't want to hold your hand anymore. I know it comes too fast, I've been through it twice already. Hopefully when the day comes I will be blessed to still be married to my husband.
He has really nice hands. :)

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