Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Having trouble posting a comment?

Hello Everyone,
If you are having trouble posting a comment please feel free to email me at
I will respond either way and would like to answer any questions parents may have. If you are able to comment please do, your feedback is very helpful. Many thanks to you who have commented and to everyone for stopping by and reading! More to come.


Meg McElwee said...

Such a lovely blog, Jennifer! I will most certainly pass it on to my readers so they can stop by and learn from all you have to offer!

Jen M. said...

Hi Jennifer!
What a great blog! It gives a window into your heart and has great ideas. I love your idea about a tree tatoo,you are absolutely beautiful in your 10-yr anniversary photo and thank you so much for saying that your Art+Play class is one of your favorite hours of the week! Jennifer M.

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