Saturday, October 13, 2007

Make a Harvest Banner

What to do with all of those garden veggies? Besides eating them you can make a beautiful Harvest Banner for your front door. Here's how:
Select sturdy fall veggies to make prints from: peppers, potatoes, carrots, corn (you can also throw in a couple apples and pears as well, they make interesting shaped prints, or leaves even~~ be creative & have fun!). Next using tempera paints in recycled yogurt or cottage cheese containers, dip your veggies in the paint to lightly cover or use a paint brush to apply a thin coating. Next print, print print! On a large piece of fall color construction paper (we used orange) create a Harvest Design. To Hang: Simply punch a couple holes in your paper and string a piece of hemp or ribbon to hang your banner. Our Harvest Banner is hanging on the front door and has received many complements from guests. This activity can be extended using fabric paints and decorating a light colored table cloth for a special Harvest Dinner or Thanksgiving.

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