Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Montessori Toddler Program Mother's Day Tea Preparations

If you are a mom here in Belfast, you may have seen one of these:

But the rest of this post is meant to be a please don't read THIS post.

We've been making allot of these...

And we've been working on a special one of these...

And TODAY we are practicing by having a Teddy Bear Tea Party! Every child is invited to bring a teddy bear friend to school to share tea with. The teddy bears will wait out on the deck to be invited in, when everything is ready.
I found it's helpful to have a dry run (i.e. without REAL beverages). Then the children know what to expect and with each day closer to the special day when their Mothers come for Tea; they feel more and more confident and invested in this beautiful tradition.

Past Mother's Day Tea Posts:
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What do you do in your classrooms to get ready for this Special Day?


plaidshoes said...

Once again, I wish my kids would have had you as a teacher! I totally agree with the dry run. When I worked in the classroom, the kids made garlic bread and salad for the mother's for a special lunch. This was in addition to a special gift made earlier in the week. I have to admit, we didn't do a dry run and the kids were sometimes a little confused about what was going on ;-)

Amy said...

Those invitations are so cute! You are so wise to have a practice time and did it so creatively by using the teddy bears. Looks like it will be a wonderful day.

Jessica Monte said...

Wow, we also just attended a teddy bear celebration! I've been reading Family Fun magazine and am thinking about setting up a kids' tea party at our house this Mothers' Day. In the meantime, we're celebrating the way my family has long honored Mothers' Day: we're planting many, many flowers.

NJ Tracy Jean said...

Every year we have a parent appreciation tea party and of course it usually coincides with Mother's Day. It's been BUSY in my 3-6 class. We made cards (including handprints, of course). For gifts we made paper weights out of sculpy clay with impresssions of leaves, flowers, pine buds etc. I copied this idea from Jean over at Artful Parent-thanks Jean! I've been waiting sincel last year to do this one! We have been baking and freezing tea breads for the big day.This week we'll make an assortment of cream cheese spreads and stamping doilies to use as placemats. My assistants and I will make the finger sandwiches that morning and my friends will help with the fruit salad. My older children hand lettered and decorated menus to hang up around our dining room. Others painted welcome or I love you signs. I make up check off order forms. On the big day each child gets to be the waiter or waitress for their family:escorting them to a seat, taking their order then serving them oh so carefully.Afterwards we have a little presentation with a poem to recite and presents to give. This year we'll give a list of why each mother is the best mother. Some years we have made a "cookbook" of the children's fvorite recipes as dictated by them. It's always one of the big days of the year. Now please excuse me while I go boil more eggs for egg salad....

Unknown said...

Great share. My kids also go to preschool and they too have a fabulous teacher like you. The preschool organized a grand event for all the mothers to celebrate mother’s day. They booked one of popular Venues in NYCC for this meet up and dinner party. It was such a fabulous experience.

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