Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

(pen and ink~Jennifer Howard)
So I've been working on a felt, AIR, LAND and WATER mat...obviously I'm not quite finished or I'd be showing it to you. But it's coming along.
In honor of Earth Day I wanted to share some of our family celebrations:
It is April vacation right now, so school is not in session. This allows me more time to do things with my own children and to create!!!
So what to do...
Some previous Earth Day posts & ideas for celebrating Earth Day this year:
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With your kids:
Decorate canvas bags to be used for grocery shopping
Share the story of the Universe with your children
Leave food for the Earth Fairies
(hint they live in the woods and enjoy the same foods as birds)
Ask your children to teach you a song about our Earth (they are bound to know one)
Wash ALL the windows in the house (my kids actually enjoy this chore!)
When was the last time you made a mud pie?
Pull out the spring time puzzles!

If it's warm enough: Wash the car!
Offer to do yard work for someone who can't do it themselves.

Visit these blogs for some other very GREEN ideas:
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or try Art Projects For Kids: Recycled Art Projects

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