Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lesson plan: Earth Air Fire Water

A song activity

Material list:

Rug, basket with purple lining, rolled white felt

4 laminated cards that read: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water

3 felt arrows

a rock, a pinecone, a feather, a bird, a cardboard sun, a candle, a bottle of water, a sea shell.

The words to the song written out and laminated.


"Watch carefully where I go to get this lesson. Ah, here it is…one of the stories about living in connection with our planet"

Unroll white felt and smooth across the rug. Next find the 4 cards in the basket

and name them as you place them in the four corners of the white felt.

Earth, air, fire, and water.

Those words are from a song…do you know a song that begins with Earth, Air, fire and water?

Hum the tune to give them a clue. Once the children recognize the song then ask different children to help you place the items as you sing the song.

Let’s sing the song together.

Could you put something that represents ‘water’ in this corner when we sing “water”?

And could you put an item that represents ‘fire’ in this corner when we sing “fire”?


Sing the song once through before laying objects. Once you are

Ready, sing the song a second time and add items as you sing


Mariam said...

Thanks for writing this.

Wandering Paintbrush said...

What is the Earth, Air, FIre, Water song? Is there a youtube version?

Where in the World?


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