Friday, September 7, 2007

Some Art ideas for small groups ages 3,4,5 years old

Anti-bias curriculum ideas:

  • Self portraits
  • frame and display throughout classroom
  • Using paint chips from a paint store help children to identify the colors closest to each child’s skin tone, hair color and eye color. Make a poster with the paint chips and the names of the children. ----maybe even graph curly/straight hair, boy/girl, children’s ages, favorite foods, books, colors--celebrate our differences and common threads.
  • Life size cut-outs: trace body, decorate, paint with skin tone paints, hang in classroom
  • Create a “We Come in Many Shades of Colors” book as a group, ask the children to help you arrange their drawings, paintings and photos.
  • Match children’s skin tones with paints, share with them the color of their skin according to crayola (Cinnamon, honey, peach etc.) make a hand print from each child and ask the children to tell you about themselves descriptively. Record their descriptions under their hand print and take photos of them to include in the finished book. Another idea for book title: “We All Look Special”
  • Send a note home asking for a family picture to illustrate the similarities & differences between families, create a bulletin board to share the “Classroom Family” include teacher's family photos too.
  • Graph eye colors of the classroom-create a chart
  • Read the book: All the Colors of the Earth by Sheila Hamanaka
  • Provide mirrors, all sizes, for the children to ‘take in’ their beautiful faces and shades of color.

Other art and craft ideas: Winter theme:

  • Wood gluing projects
  • Weaving
  • Salt dough crafts
  • Making bowls (& decorating them) for the Empty Bowl Project Story extension: Chicken Soup with Rice
  • Making snow flakes (great cutting work could be added to the classroom after art day)
  • Creating a winter scene painting: water color paint and before paint dries shake salt over picture. When the salt touches the damp paper it will crystallize and look like snowflakes!
  • building snow 'people' using circles of various sizes.

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