Thursday, September 20, 2007

Apples & Art

Art & Play at Waterfall Arts Belfast Maine. Thursday mornings I lead a parent and child art class for one hour. It is shaping up to be one of my favorite hours out of the week. Being that I am not teaching this school year, I have to say, I love being in the company of two and three year olds again.

I enjoy the children's observations and genuine delight in the process of an activity. It is as 'living in the moment' as I am able to be these days. I so long to be of that place of mind, like a two year old, centered and focused on the feel of paint on their skin. I envy them and their ability to let all other noise and distraction fade away when a blank piece of paper and paint is ready and waiting.

Here is a lively and beautiful creation by two year old Stella. Although provided with cut apples and leaves to make prints from, Stella found her flow in using the paint brush. She blended and mixed and made a lush shade of dark green. She was lost in it and it was simply lovely to watch.

Thank you Stella and all the Art and Play participants (big & small) for letting me share my Thursdays with you! [For more information about Waterfall Arts programs for children please visit their web site found under my list of 'Links that Inspire'.] Today's Art & play Activity: Leaf and Apple Prints, was inspired by the picture book illustrations from the book: Turtle Splash! by Cathryn Falwell
To do this activity at home:
You will need the following supplies:
Washable non-toxic paints, a child size brush, water, several sheets of paper. An old saucer or plastic lid will work nicely for dipping apples. Leaves, cut apples, whatever else you desire to make prints from (preferably found in nature).
Brush the vein side of a leaf, make sure you cover the entire leaf. Now carefully put the leaf, paint side down, on your sheet of paper, cover it with another sheet of paper, press down and rub the leaf area. Gently lift the top sheet and the leaf. You may find a beautiful print where the leaf had been. Keep trying, experiment and play with your art. Enjoy different colors, overlapping prints, and have fun!

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