Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hear the Children Day

It's coming up soon the International Day of Peace! Mark your calendars for September 18th and join myself and so many others in honoring this very special day.
In 1981 the united Nations designated the third Tuesday of September as the International Day of Peace. On this day each year the UN General Assembly opens with a Minute of Silence for world peace. In 1995, this day also became known as "Hear the Children Day". At 12 noon in schools all over the world children will take a minute of silence to observe this very special day. Teachers across the world will lead their students in this shared moment asking them to visualize a world of peace and plenty, enjoyed by all who share our planet. They will end this minute of silence by saying together, "May Peace Prevail on Earth."

What else can we do?
Below I have listed some suggestions of things you and your children could do together to honor this special day.
At Home:
  • Light a candle
  • Ring a chime or soft bell
  • Sing a peace song together
  • draw or color in silence or to soft classical music
  • take a nature hike in silence, record your observations and share them with one another when you get home.
Community ideas:
  • Visit a hospital or nursing home, bring cookies you baked together to brighten people's day
  • start a recycling drive
  • plant a peace pole
  • Inquire at your children's school if they observe this special day
  • volunteer at a house of worship
Enjoy Hear the Children day! And LISTEN.

"Each time you reach out to your children through words and actions, picture your reach far exceeding the walls of the home and classroom. Envision yourself impacting people all over through each interaction you have. And from this vantage point, know that each life you touch will in turn touch others, and this touching of human being may well be the beginning of peace for the whole world."---William Ryan

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