Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Magic of Boxes

Recently my husband (and many wonderful friends and family) chipped in to buy me a Sleep Number bed! It was such a lovely thoughtful thing to do and I am very happy heading to bed each night now that I know my sleep number (it's 30 buy the way). Anyway, the bed arrived in several parts and in several BIG cardboard boxes.
My two younger boys were thrilled to have these new rooms to play in. Immediately these boxes were transformed into rockets and dog houses, it was amazing. The markers came out and windows were drawn in, a drooling dog was even seen peeking from the 'outside' looking in longingly, and a rug was colored in on the 'floor' of the new 'dog house' box, making it all very home like and inviting. And the rocket box (piloted by a plump toddler) shook and quaked (a bit too realistically for Mom), as my 9 year old's imagination took off!
I just gotta say, I love my bed but I love a nice big cardboard box too. It had been way too long since one had been around here. Boxes are an open-ended construction material, for young children, something becomes real just because they choose to use it that way. A box can be a car, a clubhouse, a spaceship, a cave. And a box allows kids total control over their own space with everything they love close at hand. Rooms can seem overwhelmingly large to someone 3 feet 3 inches tall.
So the next time you get the opportunity to bring a big box home, give your kids the box, break out the markers and imagination, who knows what your box will become! Don't forget to get inside the box yourself, you'll be so happy you did.


beachgirl said...

I love your site. I too have fond memories of a boy and a cardboard box. Don't forget the joys also to be found in Pots and Pans.

Ian said...

First off you got a POST!!! WOOT!!! also, I will not need you to get me on Friday morning. Love You and Miss You. Ian

PS Now I have a Google Email so I could contact you.

Herself said...

I love the contrast of the boys in this picture. They look like good friends. I loved the places I used to play in as a kid, like boxes or little spots in the woods I made cabins in out of scrap wood.

Montessori Mama said...

Thanks 'Herself', they are shaping up to be good buddies, I'm so happy. I remember making outdoor spaces of my own too. Mostly with piles of pine needles in my back yard, but also couch cushions and blankets draped over the coffee table. So much fun to be small. Thanks for the comment!

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