Friday, May 30, 2008

Flower Pot Scrubbing

Out door work station: Flower Pot Scrubbing!
Most of us have last year's flower pots about, in need of some TLC after the winter months. This Spring activity is fun and gives your children an opportunity to show how helpful they can be.
While your children scrub away cleaning last years pots, you can be getting garden work done. This activity is messy, aprons could be worn or outdoor yard-work clothes.

Materials needed:

several clay flower pots
an assortment of scrub brushes
2 cup measuring cup
table top/surface
pot storage bin/shelf in outdoor shed

From the bin of dirty pots the child chooses which pot to scrub and places it in the basin. Next he fills the measuring cup with warm water (from the water source) and pours it into the basin. The child then chooses a brush that will work best with the size pot he is going to scrub.
Taking the brush he dips it into the water and begins to scrub the pot in a circular motion.
After the pot has been scrubbed, he uses the sponge to wipe off any excess dirt.
When the pot is clean, he places it in the storage bin/shelf and returns to clean up.
He wipes up his space with the sponge and empties the dirty water anywhere in the garden.
  • To clean the pot
  • Preparation for handwriting (when using circular scrubbing. like table washing)
  • Building concentration skills
Enjoy your time appreciating our natural world and each other.
(Sorry no photo! Blogger is giving me a hard time tonight!)
*inspired by The Outdoor Classroom by Mary Boden


plaidshoes said...

Something I will set my children to do today! Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
Sorry this doesn't have to do with the flower pot scrubbing, but I was wondering how I could make sandpaper letters for my homeschool or where to find the least expensive? Thanking you in advance.
PS love your blog, will be visiting often.

Jennifer Howard said...

Thanks for the comments!
Sand paper letters I know I've seen some tutorials on-line...hmmm..
I'll do some searching and post where you can find that; I'm sure other people would be interested to know also. Thanks again, great question.

Anonymous said...

I love the pot scrubbing idea. My husband just dragged a bunch of yucky, dirty pots out of our back shed yesterday. Neither of us felt motivated in the least to clean them. It did not occur to me to set it up for the kids to do. They will definitely be getting involved with that later today. Thanks, always, for your great ideas and inspiration.

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