Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Art+Play

Wind Socks!
It's May after all and as my father recently reminded me, May is the month to fly a kite with your kids. Dancing with a windsock you made is pretty fun too.

To make:
Cut the bottom off a paper cup, you will use the ring.
Decorate the ring with glue and tissue paper, ribbon, whatever you like!
Attach ribbon (we used party streamers) with tape
Punch holes and thread ribbon or pipe cleaner for the handle/hanger.

Art+Play was fun today, busy and loud but lots of fun. Windsocks required allot of parent help for this age group but in the end the children enjoyed dancing and spinning around watching their windsock move.
I hope you enjoy yourselves today and that if it is windy where you are, it's a warm and welcomed wind. PEACE


village mama said...

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea the windsock. Thanks for sharing that one, I think we shall be making one of those.

Unknown said...

I like these windsocks! And I think you're right about May - with the windy days we've had this week, those windsocks would be pretty fluttering in the breeze. I like this idea better than kites too, because with small kids like I have, they can do more hands-on holding of the windsock than a kite. That gets tricky.

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