Sunday, May 4, 2008

May Pole Celebration!

Okay, so I LOVE May day! Here is a photo I took of my Sunday school group enjoying singing and dancing round the May pole. I constructed the 'May Pole' out of paper towel rolls taped together with Duct tape, then covered in rainbow colors. For our classroom project we made May baskets to give to another member of the congregation.

I wish I could show you the children's expressions but I forgot to ask parents about posting a photo of their children. It was lots of fun. The pole stands supported by a garden stake I stuck into the ground. I taped over one end of the cardboard tube and left the other end open to slide it over the stake. It worked well, I think I'll save the post and May Pole for next year, to do it again!
I promise this is my last May Day post!


Shannon said...

oh, how I long to have a UU congregation with many children.

Abi-g said...

love it.

writinggb said...

Ah, but I love May Day, too. Remember how they used to put a basket of flowers on people's doorknobs? I just recalled that. I didn't even think to celebrate this year -- what a missed opportunity.

Then again, I seem to remember that it was raining like stink that day....

ChrEliz said...

I love your blog. I'm a UU mom, and Montessori mom, and I was an early childhood ed minor in college, and my favorite class was Teaching Art To Children. I'm a closet artist but haven't been carving out time for it. Your blog gives me so much information, inspiration, and joy!

Thank you.
Christine Gresser
Charlottesville, Virginia
Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church UU
parent of 4 year old at
University Montessori School
Charlottesville, VA

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