Saturday, May 10, 2008

Many Hands Make Lite Work

This week was the Mother's Day Tea Celebration! Here is a picture of the children preparing the tea snacks before their mothers arrived. Filling thumb print cookies with jam, building cucumber & watercress sandwiches, making fruit kabobs, and slicing lemon bread. Setting the tables, arranging flowers,practicing songs....what a wonder-FULL day!

The Annual Mother's Day Tea Celebration is a lovely tradition the children, teachers and Mamas look forward to every year. In the weeks before, the teachers interview the children and ask them questions about their mothers, EX: What do they enjoy doing with them, what makes them special?
It's sweet to watch the Mamas' faces when the read what their child wrote. The hand-made gift is also a favorite, this year it was a clay painted pin for Moms to wear. They were all different and each one was made with care.

Every year I take my Nana's bone china out of storage and bring it to school. I don't worry about the small hands that carry the tea cups because I know my Nana wouldn't mind if one of them ever broke. I know she watches over Mother's Day Tea and smiles in enjoyment over knowing her tea set is appreciated by so many. Every year someone comments on the beauty of the tea set and I can hear Nana voice say, "Why keep it hidden away when someone could be enjoying it?" Why indeed. Let's have some tea, shall we?

A Montessori school is a place I would like to visit any day of the year; but Mother's Day Tea day is the most elegant day by far. It's also the day when the children often surprise themselves when they display how much they have learned over the school year. When they take a step back from a full finished platter of sandwiches they've made and smile with appreciation, they are so proud. It's that moment that I cherish most.

I hope one day you'll be invited to tea at your child's school and you'll get to eat cookies and fruit on a stick. There's nothing in the world quite like it.
Happy Mother's Day


Laura said...

I just wanted to let you know I have listed you on the sidebar of my new blog under "favorite blogs". I read yours every day. Thank you for starting something so inspiring and beautiful.

Shannon said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!

Amber Melody Bancks said...

Awww, that's just too sweet. You do thing SO well :)
Happy Mama's Day!

Karin said...

That table looks delicious!
Very cute. Charming and beautiful little scroll for the mothers. :-)

writinggb said...

I love your attitude about the tea set -- you are SO right on the mark! What is the point, really, if we can't use beautiful things?!

This year, in Upper El, my son's new Montessori School does not do a Mother's Day tea. Bummer. I did receive a short essay about me, written by my son. But he also told me that he was unhappy with the essay and had wanted it to be better. Ah, writer's block. I know the feeling well. :-)

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