Thursday, May 1, 2008

On the PEACE Wheel

Hello Everyone,
Mike Van a fellow Montessori teacher who I completed my training with, wrote me about an exciting project his school recently completed. I thought it would be of interest to all of you so I told him I would share it. Have you ever heard of the organization 'Free the Children'?
(I hadn't myself, until Mike sent me there). It's a wonderful organization! Wow! They do so much good for this world. Mike's school participated in recording a song called On the Peace Wheel and proceeds from the sale of their CD will go to supporting the Free the Children organization and the many children of this world that they care for. The song, On the Peace Wheel, represents the very real attainability of peace in the world. In the words of the children, “Why can’t we just share?” and “We all deserve a peaceful land.”

I am so proud to know Mike and would like to congratulate him and the children of Harbourview Montessori! I can't wait until my copy of their CD arrives. Wow! What a wonderful idea, please check it out when time allows you.

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village mama said...

thanks for sharing this, we're always looking for new music

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