Saturday, May 3, 2008

Matching Sets Made by MM

What to do with an old Sierra Club Engagement Calendar? Throw it away? Recycle it?
NO, Re-use it!
Yes, cut the beautiful nature photos out and make matching sets. This was my idea.....months ago, January I think. But here you go, finally completed and ready to be used. Laminating and color copies cost you quit a bit of $, so if you can time it right and hit the copy place on a sale day this project will be worth it. If not you'll save money to buy a set from Montessori Services. I had fun and enjoy making things with my hands, as you know, so these sets were created. My plan is to give one set to each of the new classrooms at our new location.

YES! Cornerspring is expanding!! I am so happy to announce I will be heading back into the Montessori classroom full time again this fall. Little One will be my sidekick and the toddler class will number ten students with two teachers. I can't wait to get started. I know I will miss quiet mornings around here with Little One, Nora Jones and my two cats vying for my lap...but lets be realistic those mornings don't happen very often and the wolf is often at the door (or rather calling me on the phone asking for a payment I can't make). Getting back into the classroom and bringing money in to help pay off these piles of bills will be good for my spirit and good for my family.
Toddlers are my favorite age group to work with (i.e. learn from) They have so much to teach!
I love observing the look of concentration on a toddler's face while they attempt to pour water...indicated so often by them sticking out their's priceless. This is a time of firsts, of sensorial exploration and discovery, and of learning how they feel and identifying the needs of their small bodies. This is a busy year and they are busy little people. Keeping up with them is my joy, slowing them down to help them build those concentration skills, comforting them while they express their ever changing emotions, and providing them with many opportunities for learning is my work in the classroom. Sharing the toddler's individual discoveries, interests and developmental needs as I observe them is my work with their families. I have such empathy for the parent parting with their young child. I make it my goal to connect with every family, to ask questions and to share experiences. I am the window they view their child's day through; it's important that I am clear and open.

Creating the 'Nest' will be my summer's work. Creating materials and designing the space, making purchases and planning curriculum choices....these are some of my favorite things.
Providing Little One with an opportunity to get to know other children his age, social exploration and exposure to more Montessori materials than we can provide him here at home is pretty exciting to think about also. I'm sure I will post more on this topic over the next few months!

Matching Sets:
cut images from calendars, magazines or photos you take!
have color copies made
mat them on sturdy paper
laminate & cut
*These particular cards will also make wonderful conversation starters for young children.
Most importantly: Have fun, nurture YOUR creativity and enjoy your creations.
Your children are sure to enjoy them as much as you do!


Shannon said...

ten students with two teachers is such a great ratio! I would love to here some more about the details of your program if you ever have the time. like, what are the hours? how long are students there? what are your policies and procerdures around basic care like food and diapers.

I too LOVE working with infants and toddlers. they are by far my favorite age group, but I have had very little experience working in placing that valued infant toddler work as anything more than daycare. I find that very frustrating.

and yes, to be honest- the thought of diapering other people's children right now is daunting. It never bothered me before, and maybe by the time des is potty trained it will be easier on my head.

Mama J said...

Congratulations!! So happy to hear you will be back doing what you so dearly love! How wonderful that you will have one of your favorite sidekicks right there with you. Can't wait to hear more details! Julie

plaidshoes said...

This is so exciting, Jennifer! I am really happy for you. I love working with my youngest in class. Those children don't know how lucky they are to have you as a teacher!

Sheila said...

I'm curious about your instructions at the end of your post. You say to color copy the images you cut out of magazines. Is this necessary? Especially if you are backing them with card stock. Thanks.

Montessori Mama said...

Hi Shelia,
Thanks for your question. You only need to make a color copy if you have just one of an image. For example I only had one calendar I could cut up, so create a matching set I needed to color copy each image once. If you used photos you took you could ask your developer to print two of each image so color copies would be not be necessary. Have fun making your sets and thank you for reading.

Karin said...

It's always so interesting to come round and see what you're doing. You are so prolific! You get so much done! I love the maypole too. :-)

My son is in Montessori preschool and I often wish I could just be there with him and participate along side. It's good that he has a few hours a day where he is without me, though.(I guess) I really like his school. It's a beautiful environment.

Those students are so fortunate to have you. Fantastic!

Abi-g said...

I love this idea too! Wow, you are such an inspiration.
I have millions of photographs. It never occured to me that I could do this.
Brava - yet again! -gail

Anonymous said...

Hi again. Been a while, but I've been busy moving house. Anyway, I love this idea. I've actually already made matching cards - a set of cards all the same size, and also pictures of different sizes in the same pocket. (My MIL made little pockets/pouches out of fabric for little games like this.)

When my daughter turned three, she had party hats that had cartoon butterflies all over them. She loved butterflies at the time, and matching games. I got a couple of hats, carefully cut out the butterfies, and made her a new matching game. Not only does she have to look at the detail on each butterfly, but the different sizes help her when she gets stuck.

Also, another idea is to buy a laminator. You can get A4 laminators fairly inexpensively - at least here in Australia. The plastic sleeves can be expensive but are fine if you buy them in bulk sets of 100. Anyway, the laminator is my new favourite toy. I recently made a Snakes & Ladders game for my daughter too. :)

Sorry this is so long... I would encourage anyone to buy their own laminator and make lots of games for their kids! They're great for protecting personalised homemade drawings and bookmarks too :)

~ Cindy

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