Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the PL Shelves This Week....

"Peaceful Feet" This isn't so much a Practical Life work as much as a Grace and Courtesy or community building activity but in our room it was born out of necessity for busy twos! Running is a common trend among toddlers; they can help themselves! So I put this work together to encourage slower movements and to bring a focus on deliberate and purposeful walking. I simply traced a shoe of Little one's and cut out felt foot prints (about 10) included in the basket are a peace dove (Christmas ornament) and a Tibetan bell with a pipe cleaner handle. The idea is the children set out the foot prints (to tread lightly and slowly upon) and carry either the dove or the bell as they walk peacefully along. a younger child would carry the dove, an older child the bell, being careful not to make it ring. This could be done along a tape line or around a circle rug or anywhere really.

This bunny was a candy box. I used sharpie markers to color in the dishes to match with corresponding color pom-poms. Include wooden tongs and this tweezing activity can simply be tweezing to transfer OR a more challenging color matching activity.

The next two photos are of another color matching work I created using playdough container covers (the color circles) and a dollar store storage jug with a twist off top. I cut a hole in the handle of the top and used the tape to cover any possible sharp plastic. I realize the dark tape takes away from the presentation but it doesn't seem to deter from the toddlers wanting to do this activity. They LOVE this, from the twist off top they can do themselves, to the "curplunk" sound the lids make as they fall in. This is a big hit (and it cost just under $3 to pull together). If these types of playdough lids are not available to you, milk container lids would work also. They don't come in bright colors but you could cover them or paint them or even affix an image to them to create matching pairs.

What's most important is to have fun! Use what's available, during these tough times, we all need to spend less money and to re~use materials when possible.
Happy Spring!
In PEACE ~ Jennifer


Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Oh those footsteps are absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Love it Love it! Cant wait to try it.

We have a similar candy container I used from Xmas but I like the idea of colouring in. Will do that I think as Tilly is big on matching.

Thanks for this post you have reinspired me - was feeling a bit over making Montessori things and implementing them for some reason. You have kick started my buzz again. Hugs.


MoziEsmé said...

I love these ideas - perfect for my 2yo...

Donna said...

For those enjoying a colorful spring, I saw an activity similar to the bunny tray color match but done with an egg tray. Each cup was colored in with a different shade (like yours) and kids were encouraged to go on a nature walk to find each of the colors in nature and place a bit of it in the corresponding egg cup. Some black dirt could go in the black cup, brown seeds in the brown, flowers, leaves, white sand, whatever they can find to match each color from nature. Sounded like fun to me!

We turned an oatmeal canister into a "curplunk" can, cutting a slit in the plastic lid and offering colored craft sticks (dollar store find!) to slide through the slit. For younger toddlers, cut the slit in the bottom of the can and take the lid off. When they successfully fit the stick through the bottom and let it drop, they can lift the can to see their stick (teaches object permanence).

Thanks for all your great ideas and have fun!

Green Mamma said...

What a lovely idea (the tread lightly footsteps activity). I need to bookmark this one to try with Annabelle. Thank you for always sharing creative ways to learn with our toddlers. Such a blessing to stop over here.

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