Monday, August 17, 2009

Whistling While I Work....

Have I mentioned that over the summer I have been working on writing a toddler curriculum? Well it's coming along, I'm loving every moment. (When I have time to work on it.) Especially arranging the photos I have taken over the years and creating pages to introduce each area of the class room.

For my birthday my husband set up Picasa, a photography program, on our home computer. I LOVE it, it is so much fun!
This curriculum is for my use, all my stuff organized in a usable way. I figured it might help my new assistant get acquainted as well. But I hope to one day propose it to Northeast Montessori Institute. And see if they would want me to share it with their teachers and assistants in training. One day...but right now it's mostly for the toddlers in the Nest.

I am very excited about school starting up again. Can you tell? How is it going for all of you Mamas, Papas and fellow Montessorians following this blog? Where are you at in your preparations?

I've also been lucky to discover some wonderful resources on the web and thought I might share some with you all.
Montessori Materials for Everyone
Home Schooling site

Happy nesting...


Paul and Ines said...

I must say its my favorite time...the setup & preparations. I try to imagine how a new child will feel in this new environment. And my job to welcome all in the environment..Are we ever really ready?? I am constantly coming up with ideas or coming across new ones that I want to implement..but I'm doing okay on my setup...Thanks for asking :)

pattyannie said...

We built a brand new school. For the first time we are going to have a Toddler room. Our school will go from Toddler-Middle School. I have a blog with a few pictures, but I have more information on my website:

Sojourn Curiosities said...

I can't wait to see your toddler curriculum, Jennifer!

I am presently on eggshells waiting to hear if I will have a "Montessori" classroom or a traditional classroom. I wrote an NEA Student Achievement grant for the full complement (sans PL, I'll have to do that meself) of Montessori materials for my K classroom.

I just looked at the grant info again, and the notification deadline is September 15th! I will likely start the year before I know which direction it will take. Craziness! I'm sure it's already decided, but... wish me luck?

Tree House Preschool Daycare said...

Hi your blog. I run a small home Montessori preschool. I have just put my own curriculum together that is Montessori with a hint of Waldorf. I am currently in the process of sorting all my equipment into a bin for each month. A bigger task than I anticipated. I do love all the organizing though and am so looking forward to getting back to preschool.


Sarah@MontessoriFromScratch said...

I just opened up my order from a montessori supplier and got (most) of it out and on a shelf. My situation is a small home with younger children than the one I'm schooling so the accessibility isn't necessarily "approved" but I'm just so happy with what I got that I'm totally unphased!

Siobhan Moffitt said...

Hi Jennifer! I've never left a comment here but I've been following your blog for a year or so. Just love it! Anyways, I wanted to tell you that I bought 2 copies of When I Make Silence; one for my son and one for the 3-6 classroom where I work as an assistant. It's BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations on such a wonderful little book!

Montessori Mama said...

Thank you all for your comments!
I've been having trouble leaving comments for some reason and I feel badly I can't express how much I adore your classrooms and works and parenting! Wow! Hats off ladies, hats off!

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