Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crafty Bloggers

So lately I've missing in action. I apologize to my regular readers. The reason for my absence is due to a new business adventure. I will share more about this soon.
On the home front I have been caring for two sick kiddos and now I am also ill with a lung infection. But I am on the mend and will be back to school soon. I miss my toddler friends!!!
While home these past few days I have enjoyed using the computer and seeking and finding some crafty projects for kids out there in blog land! The following is a short list of some of my favorite finds. Enjoy!

Visit: Art Projects for Kids...A Positively Negative Pumpkin Project

or check out this very cool recycled paper bag journal project from the always amazing and inspiring Creative Kismet!

You could also get lost searching for 'the one' among a sea of crafty projects with That Artist Woman this one is a favorite of mine...
cool fall craft: salt dough leaf prints

And the same goes for Deep Space Sparkle...how much time do you have to dive into space and loose yourself in the creative land of children's art? Make the time! Here's a groovy Halloween project:
Day of the Dead Art Project from Deep Space Sparkle

or these beautiful leaves also from Deep Space Sparkle

and of course the old stand by....
Pumpkin Painting with twos over at Desert Shadows Montessori

And one past Montessori Mama Autumn post you might also enjoy:
Painting Pumpkins

Happy (Almost) Halloween Everyone!


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plaidshoes said...

I hope everyone is back to healthy soon! I am also very excited to hear what your business venture is!

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