Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Forget the Rocks, Let's Paint Pumpkins!

Inspired by the traditional Montessori rock painting I created a seasonal take on it by using pumpkins. The kiddos LOVED it! Giving two year olds a clear visual, for example, the fill line on the glass, is a point of interest that can be very helpful. Every day since this work was introduced there has been a child using it and one watching, continuously through-out the morning work cycle. As we know, toddlers LOVE water play, but in watching the concentration developing; it is more than the water that draws them to this work.

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Pecos Blue said...

How do you introduce this? Do they fill the water and then paint till all gone?

Thank you I am new to this and trying to learn what I can to start this at home with my son.

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