Monday, October 13, 2008

Montessori Mama Where Are You?

Hey Everyone,
I'm still here. It's been a busy week and now I am away (for the long weekend)with Montessori Papa, celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. Even on vacation, I'm an early riser, so as I type this he sleeps. He would tease me for blogging on vaca, if he were awake. We are having a lovely time and enjoying our kid-free days. It's been really wonderful to connect with him and just 'be' together.
In other news...
The original paper cut design of the Little One Reading (pictured on my side bar)has sold! It has been up in the children's room of the public library for a few weeks now and interest has been peaked! I wanted to share because my Etsy shop has never gotten up and running and many have emailed me requesting this image. I will continue to sell the image but the original is no longer for sale. Until we are able to get high speed internet (like the service provided by the hotel I am staying in) at home, my Etsy shop is on hold. It is so difficult to upload images and without them nothing can be viewed (obviously). Anyway, I apologize for that and ask those of you interested in making purchases to contact me directly via my email address
Thank you!!
When I return home I will attempt to post some photos of works and activities from 'The Nest'.
What we've been up to:
We've been washing, rolling, painting and comparing gourds. We've been dancing with scarves pretending to be trees with colorful leaves. We've been celebrating Fall! How blessed I feel to be living in an area where there is so much Autumn color. We have been rubbing leaves, crushing leaves (the fallen ones) for collage work, matching like colors, and creating new images with leaves etc. in nature. Have I mentioned that I love Fall?

While surfing the web this morning I saw many lovely blogs sharing Fall crafts, here are a few of my favorites:
Super Fun Mama and her adorable little girl explored many different leaf activities!
Creative Kismet doing October up right! Wow! My boys will love those monster cup cakes! Thanks for the inspiration!
Next visit The Van Klan for a beautiful lesson on creating a centerpiece...I can't wait to make one!
Playful Learning inspired me and Papa Montessori (who teaches elem. and is now up reading the paper)and we look forward to creating our own leaf people with our classes. I'll let you know how it goes.
I hope all of you have wonderful weekend!
In Peace,
Montessori Mama

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Regina said...

Very cool! I hope you do make those monster cupcakes. My boys LOVED them! And they are quite fun too. :D

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