Monday, October 13, 2008

Little One Asks for More Snack

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Donna said...

Both our little ones did Baby is such an amazing thing to see a 9-month-old communicating her little thoughts and ideas with sign language!

amy turn sharp said...

yay for signs! My guys too! i love it. I love it when Blaise signs for kisses now! so cute!

Charissa said...

I have a 14 month old that still is using the few signs we started with infrequently. I started at 8 months with more, all done, and drink. I have seen all done and eat 2/3 times each (I added eat when I saw all done). We are definitely moving into the frustrated communication stage and I desperately want to give CC tools she can use to talk to me with. She is in daycare part-time where they don't use signs, but we are pretty consistent at the house. Any ideas? I'm still committed as I love the idea of using signs as reminders even after CC is talking to us. Thanks!

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