Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Fall!

Little One, his Papa and big brother all marched in the Church Street Fall Parade. Two flowers and one pooh bear (not pictured) I face painted street side and watched the crowd.
This was the highlight of my weekend for sure, face painting at the church street festival! But really, if I am being completely honest, my most favorite moment was when Middle Man (my spirited child) who participates in the annual cake walk again and again and NEVER wins, WON a cake for the first time. As the music started to play and he anxiously stood on his 'lucky number' 3, I felt my stomach and jaw tighten anticipating the let down tantrum that would follow when yet again, he did not win a cake. Can I just stop here to say this: he doesn't EVEN like to EAT cake!!!
It's the winning or rather the loosing that hurts him. Again and again, year after year....but thankfully NOT this year!
It was a much more enjoyable experience this year, I'll tell you.
Little One was photographed for the local paper and enjoyed chasing his best friend Stella around a big tree, kicking leaves and dancing. Montessori Papa I'm pretty sure could think of 10 other things he would have rather done, but in the end had a good time. Middle Man is still talking about it (and I will note* The uneaten cake still sits on the kitchen counter, like a shrine to the day).
Ahh....Middle Man, you certainly keep me on my toes! I love you so. To all of you with children who did NOT win a cake this year, I hope your child has recovered from the disappointment. Who invented the CAKE WALK anyway?
So tell me, how was your weekend?
Happy Fall to one and all!
Now back to our regular scheduled Montessori programming...


Shannon said...

My weekend was nice, thanks for asking! We went to a family reunion and on a hike, so my favorite things. I was happy to see your post tonight. I can tell you are busy with your new job!

plaidshoes said...

I LOVE cake walks. Every year at our church potlucks, I try to get one going. Unfortunately, not as many adults as me, see their enormous value! I am glad to read that they are still popular in some places. And CONGRATS! to middle man. I was often in his "non-winning" shoes! Anyway, I better stop writing, b/c I could go on and on about my love for cake walks ;-)

writinggb said...

And WHY, my goodness, do they say it's a cake walk, meaning it's EASY??

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