Sunday, October 19, 2008

On the Toddler Language Shelf This Week

Here are a couple of finger plays I've made into works for the language shelf. 5 Little Monkeys and 5 Little Pumpkins. I suppose these could be on the math shelf also, but they've found themselves here. The toddlers are enjoying them and honestly so am I. It is lots of fun to share a familiar poem at circle and then again during the work session. What I enjoy most is when a pair of friends choose these and play them out with one another.
The reason for the extra large pumpkin in the bowl with the other small craft pumpkins is because one of the smaller ones has gone missing. With only four pumpkins in the bowl and five in the finger play, my toddler friends came up with a solution: use a REAL pumpkin!

*Side note: I'm really frustrated with my computer these takes so long to post and I have so much to share....
thank you for still reading even when I post so infrequently. I have about twenty or so drafts waiting in the wings for photos. It always amazes me how quickly Monday arrives. This weekend just wasn't long enough for all I wanted to do!
Take care,
PS Middle Man was cast as Mole in the Wind and the Willows (local theater production)!!! I'm so excited for him.


Miri said...

It's always delightful to find a new post of yours! I hope you find a way to compromise with your computer, so that we could benefit from all of these drafts there..:)
Would you mind explaining how the toddlers who don't read yet work with this activity?
Thanks, Miri

Jennifer Howard said...

Thanks for the question Miri,
Toddlers are in no way expected to read the poems on the trays, they are provided for the adult to reference and for the child to observe. By providing the toddlers with the poems, songs, or what-have you, you are showing them that they are not taken from out of thin air but are indeed read, recorded, and one day they too will read the words on the tray. These finger plays are also shared again and again at circle, in small groups, and even while the children are at play outside.
To see them use these works you would think they could read already! Thanks for the compliments and comment and as always for reading.

Miri said...

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply! This is me who should thank you for keeping posting..:)

IowaMom said...

I was wondering where you get the little baskets and those adorable monkeys?

Where in the World?


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