Friday, June 25, 2010

Time for a Change

Okay, so I changed the back ground here at Montessori Mama. Thoughts? Like/dislike?
I'm interested to know your opinions.
Change can be difficult but also magical. A close friend recently said to me,

"Birth is painful, but oh sooooo full of promise."

Both times that I was able to give birth naturally (and especially throughout my C-section with Middle Man), I have felt close to death....just in that moment before everything changed for the better and the baby came.
I remember my mid-wives saying that our greatest wisdom about what we are capable of comes from being observant in that moment. As a mother going through it and as a witness to birth.

Right now I feel as though I am going through that moment emotionally and I am trying to be observant and learn from all that has been said and not said, and I am really trying to be a listener of my own heart.

And good things are happening. I am surrounded by supportive people throughout this process of transformation and I am especially grateful for their love and support.

I am broadening my circle and opening myself to new opportunities. It is hard but feels liberating. Sometimes the sacrifices we make for our families are enormous...but in my heart I know I am doing the best thing for these boys of mine.



psagecreations said...

Ooo...I like the background. Its kinda funky.

Tracy said...

Hi Montessori Mom, Would you be able to share your Art Curriculum with a Montessori teacher--me and my good friend who teaches art at school. I use the Childsize Masterpiece program, have a art shelf set up with individual activities and yippy-getting a carpentry table and light table this fall. Thanks for the wonderful blog.


jojoebi said...

Love the new background. Hope life sorts itself out for you soon xx

Ella said...

Lovely background to a gr8 blog.Thanks for sharing with us your work and beautiful life.

plaidshoes said...

I also really like the new background. I hope you are doing ok...

Mom and Kiddo said...

I like your new background. But then I LOVE orange.

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