Monday, June 21, 2010

Zodiworks Book Signing (at The Cave)

"Sam Dog" loves to give a kiss, especially if the boy in need of love, just finished eating a sweet~bun! Yum!

This was the beautiful view on the way to The Cave, a unique wine and cheese store / bakery / and now Zodiworks book seller, located in Down East Maine, home of Wooden Boat Magazine.

As adorable kindergarten students from the Brooklyn Elementary School entered and began to fill the handmade quilt my partner Robin had lay out for them to sit on, "Sam Dog", a.k.a Robin's beautiful golden retriever, greeted the children with lots of tail wagging and kisses! She is such a love....

I introduced the Zodizoo characters and let the children explore the many finger puppets we had brought along. Then I read each book in the the Sam Series and acted out the stories; with the children's help of course. I think everyone had fun, I know I did and obviously Little One too, well he LOVED the Sam Dog kisses, that's for sure!

To invite us to YOUR school or book store, just send my husband an email at

Happy Summer Solstice to All
Love Jennifer

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Congratulations on the book!

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