Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zodiworks for YOU!

Today I am Feeling the Bloggity Love....
A satisfied zodiworks customer over at The Work Plan posted about my books! Very exciting indeed. Stop by and visit her and enjoy her many creative ideas and classroom in action photos. It's so great to know that "Sam" is being loved by children other than my own :) Thank you for sharing!

Are there any other "Sam" book readers out there? Please comment and give feedback, we sooooooooo appreciate hearing from you.
Jennifer and the zodiworks gang!


Discovering Montessori said...

Thanks a lot Jennifer!! "Tie-Tie" is looking forward to blogging with Sam.

Mari-Ann said...

Just took a look at your Zodiworks site and WOW - what a fantastic thing you've done. I love how you've combined animals and countries into the stories. I can just image how much fun this would be to read!

I'm adding Zodiworks to my "Montessori Resources" list on the sidebar of my blog.

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