Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Captain Distructo!

Faster than my nine year old on a sugar rush, cuter than TWO baby lambs, it's a small secret agent with plans to disorganize tidy homes every where!
So what if he's only two feet tall and has limited language skills. This little guy can disassemble an entire tidy house in about two minutes flat! Everything I DO, he UN-does. It's amazing. His inner sense of order is total chaos apparently.
Do any of you have this person living at your house? Have you ever noticed how when you fold the laundry there is someone lurking near by to un-fold the laundry? Or how about the book shelf? Once they are all ON the shelf, someone (let's call him Captain D for short) is waiting to take all the books OFF the shelf? This is my morning, I tidy up and Captain D makes messes. It's symbiotic actually. I think I'll re-read my earlier posts...Everything in it's place...Montessori at Home....

I feel better now.
Okay, a tidy house can wait. Hugs are in order. Some trucks and farm animal play. Coloring with chubby crayons. Snack and a walk outside.


Suzanne said...

Don't feel too bad--I have a 3yod that is just like that and I do believe mothers across the globe know what your talking about...LOL! Have a blessed Thanksgiving with yours!!

mb said...

oh my! i just got here through my blog and I feel like it's Christmas, too!!!

I feel so scattered yet so aching to do this all with my kids and now you are like my reference book on how-to!

Also, i was just thinking today I wanted to learn more about Montessori Education. My daughter starts preschool on Monday at a preschool which takes from Montessori, Steiner, Bev Bos and Emilio Reggerio. But I have always been drawn to Montessori (maybe it's the Italian in me:-)

Look at what you do with your kids! You are STILL an artist.

Have a blessed say of Thanks. It seems we both have to much to give thanks for.


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