Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What I'm thankful for...

Honestly, to write down everything and everyone I am thankful for would take more space than I have here. So, here is my personal short list followed by a list of ways you and your children can show YOUR thankfulness this year.

What I'm Thankful for this year....
small hands to hold
a new friend
heart shaped stones found when you least expect to
the telephone (Thank you Mr. Bell)
Cornerspring Children's House
my wedding ring
hot chocolate
polar fleece
my library card
readers everywhere!
Some ideas for you and your children
to do together this Thanksgiving season:

Place Cards
Using card stock create one of a kind place cards for your holiday table. On the underside of each card ask your children to help you create a list of three things they love about the particular guest; during the meal invite the guests to turn the cards over and read aloud the kind words.
While cleaning for expected house guests, gather up some items you are no longer using and with your children donate them to your local Goodwill.
Visit a Hospital:
The hospital can be a very lonely place for patients, especially during the holidays. Spend some of your time this holiday season with those who aren't able to be at home. You might visit the children's hospital and hand out stuffed animals or treats to children who need the extra cheer. Ask your kids to pick out a gift they think a kid like them would love.
Send a Care Package:
A holiday care package can be a great pick-me-up for soldiers who are far from home during the holidays. Gather up everyday necessities like soap,toothbrushes, and travel-sized toiletries. Don't forget to include some goodies to keep their bellies full, like cookies, Rice Krispie Treats, canned foods, and gum. Games, like small sudoku or crossword puzzle books, will help them stay busy during their free time.
Create a "We Are Thankful For"..poster:
Talk with your child about the things you're both thankful for. Some ideas could include: food, a home, friends, family, teachers or caregivers and school, your neighbors, your faith community, pets, favorite stuffed animals or toys, books and movies, etc. Be sure to include things that your child may not know you are thankful for, such as your education or your health. You can either write these ideas down or just talk about them. Next look through the magazines and cut out pictures of some of the things you're thankful for. You can also draw or write down your thoughts. At the top of the poster board write in colorful letters, "We Are Thankful For..." and explain to your child that you're going to fill in the mural with your ideas. Arrange the pictures on the poster board and glue them on. Add drawings and words where needed. Decorate your poster board with glitter, fabric, sparkles, etc. Then, hang it up for your friends and family to see!
Volunteer At the Animal Shelter:
It's important to keep family and friends in mind during the holidays, but don't forget the animals! Hundreds of homeless animals need your time, love, and hugs. Take your son or daughter to an animal shelter to volunteer for a day, or sign up to volunteer once a week to spread the love throughout the year.
Invite Someone New to Join You!:
The holidays are a time for giving and togetherness. If you know someone who will be alone for the holidays, make them feel loved by inviting them to your family's holiday dinner this year. The more, the merrier!
I'm sure that together you and your children will come up with other ways to make contributions to your community. Enjoy one another and be thankful.


plaidshoes said...

I really love these ideas. I just found your blog and it is wonderful!

Jennifer Howard said...

Thank you! I checked out your BLOG and now I have another something to be thankful for! So nice to make connections with other parents of young children. Keep up the wonderful writing and thank you for your comment.

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