Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My first published work!

I'm very excited tonight, I have just found out that my book, When I Make Silence, will be in print in time for the Feb. 26th American Montessori Society National Conference (held this year in New Orleans)!!!
It's a small book, a poem really, that the kind folks over at Parent Child Press read and enjoyed. I sent it along with Maria Mouse, hoping she would become a story book. They liked the poem better and now IT will be a book!

Alicia Jewell
is the illustrator she wrote and illustrated a book called The Peace Rose which is a beautiful book, a treasure for primary classrooms especially. Anyway, she agreed to work on my book and is just finishing up the illustrations now so the book can go the graphic designers and then to print!

So, if any of you fellow Montessorians, parents and educators alike, plan to attend the up-coming AMS Conference PLEASE stop by the Parent Child Press table and buy one of my books!

When I have a copy myself, I will post more about it. Our local library wants me to do a book signing! Did I mention I was excited? Thanks for sharing in my joy. PEACE to you all during this busy time of year.

Now, I'm back to my sewing crafts....each night I get a little bit closer.
Oh! today I received the MOST delicious cookies from a sweet parent. They were so yummy! Thank you, you know who you are!
PEACE to all,


Shannon said...

Congratulations! I am practically tearing up over this for you. I can imagine how happy and proud you are feeling. I'll be first in line to order a copy as soon as I find out when I can!

plaidshoes said...

What wonderful news! I will also be getting a copy. I can't imagine how exciting this must be ;-)! Congrats!!!

My Child's Diary said...

Congratulations! You must be so proud of yourself!
I wish I could read it. Happy Holidays, Miri

writinggb said...

Fantastic news! Now we can all enjoy your work -- not just virtually but in our hands and houses! Congratulations. :-)

jojoebi said...

You must be chuffed to bits.
Will us folk in far-away lands be able to get hold of it too?

Montessori Mama said...

You ladies and your wishes for me, have made my evening! Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment! Comments like these are such charming gifts, honestly, thank you!

NJ Tracy Jean said...

Oh congratulations Jennifer! I love The Peace Rose. In fact it is always part of my MLK unit coming up very soon now it's nearly January. I can't wait to see your book.

Sadaf Trimarchi said...

Congratulations!!!! So exciting!

amanda. said...

YAY!!!! congratulations!! i can't wait to have a copy~!!~ much joy & peace to you.
love amanda

village mama said...

Congratulations!! Happy Holidays! xo

Kari said...

Oh wow! I will be at the AMS conference and I look forward to picking your book up there. I enjoy your blog so much! Are you planning on attending the New Orleans conference this year?

Maine Artist said...

How wonderful, Jennifer!!! Congratulations!
Warm Regards,

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