Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yoga With Toddlers

Before nap, we stretch like cats.

We curl up and make our bodies small and still like pebbles on the beach.

We feel peaceful and we go to sleep.

Well not every day....and not every child. My son, pictured here, refuses to nap on a regular basis, yoga or no yoga. But he likes the yoga.
We are finding that most of the children really enjoy it and are quickly learning the positions. Do any of you use yoga with toddlers?


Pecos Blue said...

We love our toddler yoga class.

NJ Tracy Jean said...

I use yoga in my 3-6 class as a regular "work". I downloaded Meg's (Montessori by Hand) yoga cards and have tem in a container with 2 yoga mats. I demo the poses in group time and stress deepbreathing during each pose. I tell them it makes them smarter. The series always ends lying down, visualizing something lovely, and deep breathing. The kids love this work and it is a great place to direct someone who needs some extra movement or calming.

Becky said...

Do you teach your kids to do deep diaphragmatic breathing? I have not been very successful... :)

Shannon said...

I have been meaning to do some yoga with my daughter. She really enjoys doing ballet positions (I am a ballet teacher), so I am sure this is something she would enjoy. Which poses to you recommend for under 2s?

Anonymous said...

:-) I do yoga at home, and my two year old loves to do it with me. ALthough she alternates between copying and climbing on me...

Anonymous said...

My husband was teaching a few positions to our son a couple of years ago. He loved it. Not sure why they stopped doing it...

plaidshoes said...

My kiddos love doing yoga. It was just so cute to watch my youngest do the poses.

Anonymous said...

They are very cute.

Anonymous said...

i teach yoga to my childrens, they love it, just take it like a game and their gona enojy it, namaste

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