Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Her Name is Ruby!

Okay, so even though many of you commented that you liked 'Periwinkle', I did not. I liked the idea of her but my mind's eye had other visions of what she could be. And so I went back to work and this doll (who I call 'Ruby') was born.

We just returned from vacation, visiting my family in Massachusetts. My niece Emma seemed happy with this gift, although she mentioned the hair felt scratchy, I think she liked it.

Christmas was a whirlwind for us; as I am sure it was for most of you too.
Sometimes being a parent can be exhausting. For me, Christmas is one of those times. I adore my kids (obviously) but there are so many expectations wrapped up in Christmas (no pun intended). I feel such an obligation to meet expectations, which is something I've tried and let go of because I usually come up short. This time of year makes me feel upside down. I want the kids to be happy, but I struggle with buying vs creating happiness. In this time of mass production, emails take the place of hand written notes,store bought items over shadow the handmade ones, and so it is easy for say a 10 year old (Spirited Child) to get caught up in the hyper, over stimulating, noising world of X-box. But between his OBSESSION with the TV screen and Little One's need for destruction (no tree ornaments are safe! we lost FIVE this year) I think the 6 hour car ride (and 6 hours back) was what elevated my stress level more than anything,'Taller Than Me' wanted to drive the whole way!

It was a week of realizations for me, that parenting children of such drastically different stages of development is often more difficult than I think it will be. And that I need to ask for help occasionally. Something that has always been a challenge for me. I had imagined TIME as my Christmas gift. That with school break and tons o' new things to entertain my boys, I might find the time to draw, sew, paint, do SOMETHING other than referee, clean and care for others. But, alas, no such luck. The six hour car ride was what did me in. Did I mention, my husband had walking pneumonia? So, my partner was down for the count.

Now, I'm home and my cat wants all I have left to give. Which oddly enough is just enough and the relationship is symbiotic so it's all good. Montessori Papa is in better health and we are no longer in a minivan. Life is good this morning. I hope you all have had a wonderful week of Christmas, with safe travel and good times. I appreciate you reading my rant. There were MANY wonderful things that happened this week also...I intend to share about them as well; maybe tomorrow?
Tomorrow is the first day of 2009!
Happy New Year's Eve!


My Child's Diary said...

Dear Jennifer!
Well, tomorrow is indeed a new day, and the first day of the rest of your life as well. Starting tomorrow, everything will seam much better, but then it is not that bad today too. Your blog has been one of the most delight things I have discovered this year. Thank you for that. For being such a warm giving person. Happy New Year, dear Montessori Mama. Peace to you and your family. Miri

erica said...

Sweet doll!

I know what you mean about holiday stress. We actually decided to stay home this year, sort of putting our foot down and seeing who would come visit us for a change. We ended up being alone on Christmas (just my husband, my son, and me), and even though I thought it would be really weird, it was amazingly nice to be here. Zero travel stress, just a lot of quiet time to enjoy the spirit of the holiday. I highly recommend it if you can ever swing a year at home.

Anna said...

I think the holidays are incredibly stressful! Every year I have great intentions including doing lots of lovely crafty things with the cildren and going on lovely bracing walks followed by hot chocolate etc, etc! The reality is that I am tired and want to hibernate and the children have their own agendas which involve playing on the Wii and staying warm!!!

I love them - but halelujah, school starts next monday!!!

I hope your husband feels better and you get a rest before your new term starts

writinggb said...

I agree that the holidays are incredibly stressful, especially adding in travel. We canceled plans to drive out of state on New Years and had some friends over instead. I still feel tired out and disappointed that I didn't get as much down time with my boy as expected. But then being Mama is being Mama.

mjbanks said...

Ruby is so precious!!

Angela said...

I think Ruby is a fine name for the doll. Ruby is actually my first name but I don't go by it except when I go to the doctor and they call out Ruby and then they look at the little old woman in the corner and she doesn't get up and then I do and they always seem to have a puzzled look on their face. lol run on sentence.. I know.. lol
I have the same problem with the Christmas tree ornaments and decorations. I only brought out about a quarter of things this year because of it!
I know what you mean about the Christmas stress. I do the same thing. Thank God we don't have to travel any where any more!!! But there are just way to many events in the month of December for me. I too plan to do crafts and baking goodies and the such but it just doesn't happen. This year I was sick for the first 2 to 3 weeks in December. Not much got done.
Happy New Year!

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