Friday, November 28, 2008

I Went Walking (a story basket)

Using the board book: I Went Walking by Sue Williams, I created this story extension for the toddler language shelf; I didn't intend for it to be used right there on the shelf but so be it. The kiddos really enjoy this book, much like Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear. They like to hear it read again and again and are very knowledgeable about the order in which the animals appear. It was a fun and easy language work for me to pull together (once I found the animals). I happened to find the animals needed at our local toy store, but you could draw or color copy the illustrations, laminate them and use those too. Happy crafting.
So far my holiday creations have been limited to felt wreaths and birds...I will post photos soon. What are you making?
PEACE to all,
Happy Thanksgiving!
Montessori Mama


Hyperher said...

I am making chocolate truffles, gingerbread people, and some knit items. I'm trying to get an Etsy shop set up, but I am on my church's search committee (among a few other committees) and haven't had lots of time for creativity.

Donna said...

We'll be making an Advent wreath this weekend and begin "greening the house" with evergreen branches this first week of Advent.

I'm planning to make all the girl-gifts this year: earrings, journal covers, bags, anything I can do to use up the materials I already have!

The kids LOVE making cookie mixes in jars, topped with a square of Christmas fabric and a jingle bell tied with a bow. They turn out so cute and make great gifts!

I'm going to try making a lidded box from old vinyl records (you can melt them on very low heat so they're bendy and shape them into cool things like bowls, trays, and (hopefully) boxes)! Then I'll use them as t-shirt gift boxes for the teen and college guys of the family.

That's my plan, but we'll see how it really goes! It's impossible to shop with two preschoolers, so we're putting our focus on other, more fun family activities this year.

Hope your holiday season is bright and cheery!

Anonymous said...

So far, I've melted down old crayons to make new marbley ones and made felt food for a little girl in my life. For the baby I'm planning on making a card book of photos of her through her first year and I've spotted a soap making kit that looks good. I may even make a flannel hand puppet to go with some soap for my nephews.

We'll see!!!!

Shannon said...

This is one of my fave stories for littles. I love your story extension!

I am making coloring books for my nieces, and my milk cap memory games for them a well.

Anonymous said...

That is a great Christmas present idea for my SIL who is trying to establish a Montessori home for her kid. Have any thoughts on how to get a 1 year old boy more interested in books?? he just throws them (except for touchy feely books).

Amy said...

This is a great extension idea for books. I will certainly use this. Thanks

Anonymous said...

This very nice book and also my favorite book for littles.

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