Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stone Fruit Salad
By Jennifer Howard

Two friends went walking,
And happened to meet,
both were very hungry
and wanted to eat.

Together they had
NOTHING to share,
Their tummies were empty
It just wasn’t fair 

One had a stone,
the other a bowl,
one was a mouse,
the other a mole.

“I know,” said Mole
“We could ask at each house”
“For fruit, for our salad?”
said small & shy Mouse

“Yes” said Mole
“Just one little part,
one berry, one slice,
a gift from the heart”

So they went hand in hand,
to every last house,
Mole asked politely,
“Please?” said friend Mouse.

But no-one had fruit,
to offer the pair,
not even one berry,
NO ONE would share.

The two sad friends,
sat down on a rock,
they were both still hungry,
neither one could talk

“I’ve got it!” said Mole,
“I’ve got a plan!”
“We’re sure to make salad,
just as fast as we can!”

“With my large bowl
and your small stone,
We’ll make enough salad
to feed every home!”

Mouse was curious,
how could this be?
So she watched and she waited
and she started to see.

With the stone and the bowl,
There would soon be salad to share,
“We’ll show them,” said Mole
“It feels good to care!”

“Fruit Salad we’ll make,”
Mole said with a grin.
“Put the stone in the bowl Mouse,
it’s time to begin.”

“Delicious Fruit Salad to EAT!”
Mole called down the street.
Mouse stood behind him,
with the empty bowl at her feet.

“Made from a STONE, it is said,”
“this fruit salad will be
the BEST fruit salad ever eaten
by you or by me!”

The animals they came,
from each and every house,
wanting taste the Stone Salad,
made by Mole and by Mouse!

“When we made this the last time,
wasn’t there a slice of peach?”
Mole ask friend Mouse,
“Yes, a piece of peach for each.”

“And I seem to remember,”
Mole said to Mouse
“EVERY animal gave fruit.”
“Yes, fruit from each house”

“So what will YOU give?”
Mole said to the crowd
“a GRAPE!” said the Pig
(and he was so proud).

“We’ll share some apples.”
Said Bunnies One, Two and Three
“they are ripe and red,
just picked from the tree!”

Soon others were shouting out
What THEY wanted to share,
Two mangos, 6 blueberries,
and the cat gave a pear.

Mole winked at Mouse,
“I knew this would work.”
“You were right,” said Mouse,
please hand me a fork.”

The whole town enjoyed
Stone Fruit Salad that day,
Because Mole and Mouse shared,
and showed them the way.

Mole and Mouse were hungry,
and now they are not,
they are thankful,
you see, for the food that they got.

If YOU made Stone fruit salad today,
What kind of fruit
would YOU bring,
and what words would YOU say?

You should say, “PLEASE”
and especially “THANK YOU”
You could share just one grape,
Or a bunch if you want to.

Sharing, you know
Is NOT easy to do,
But if you share what you have,
You will feel good too!

If each one of us,
gave just a little bit,
more of us would have enough,
that’s all there is to it.

The End
[more illustrations to follow]
Thank you for reading this.


Donna said...

Sweet...good luck with it!

jojoebi-designs said...

The mat looks good.
I have pledged today to leave a comment on all the blogs I usually read, and your is one of them. I love your ideas, thank you for sharing them. Any news on the Maria Mouse books?
All the best, jo
the pledge...

Jennifer Howard said...

Thanks for asking Jo,
actually I HOPE something will happen SOON with my Maria Mouse stories. I don't have the money to self publish presently and a colleague of mine has offered to share my stories with a contact of hers in China who is interested in backing Montessori publications.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.
And thank you for the comment, for making me one of your regular blog reads, and what a great idea for a pledge!

Gidget Girl Reading said...

love the little mole he is so cute!

i have a blog award for you at:

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