Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shoe Box Doll Houses

My Assistant Mallory created these shoe box houses for our toddler friends to play with. I adore them and so does Little One! This little boy (in photo) took the toy house to a table with some wooden animals and became completely engrossed in his play. He was unaware of me snapping photos of him.

YES! I found my camera! Oh happy day. I have allot to share but am running out of time to share it. Life has become increasingly busy these days. I know you can all relate. Working full time, three kids, creative aspirations...

Mallory made this gem by painting a shoe box inside and out. She made one box for each season. This one is summer. Isn't she amazing!? I am so blessed. And so are the kiddos in our class. Thank you Mallory for being you!

Last night was Opening Night for The Sound of Music at my oldest son's high school. He had a small part in this year's production but he did very well in it. I was proud of him and so impressed with ALL the kids involved. The star of the show was the young lady who played Maria, she was fabulous! I briefly spoke with her mother during intermission and it was really very sweet. She was beaming and rightly so! I wanted to be near her to soak it all in, her pride in her daughter's efforts, her joy for her daughter's shining moment. It was beautiful.

Middle Man is still sick with a fever/sore throat virus and is expected in rehearsals for Wind in the Willows this afternoon. Send him a healing hug please.


Anna said...

I LOVE the shoe boxes! What a great idea. Maybe our older ones could do something similar. The girls are obsessed with babies - maye they could make baby houses?!!!

Shannon said...

I love these too! I have an old thing for painting on boxes anyway. I may have to give this one a try!

teachingtinytots said...

that is really cute! we might have to make a barn for our farm animals!

i remember having an old cigar box doll house when i was little!:)

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