Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In a NUTTY Shell

Okay so October (usually my favorite month of the year) stunk. I'll TRY and be brief because as regular readers know, I tend to well, not be.
So, 'Bigger Than Me' after just two weeks of having his driver's permit, crashed my new caravan (new to in has yet to be paid off) NO ONE was hurt which is, of course, the good thing. Second, Little One and Middle Man were wrestling on the sofa, flipped off and Little One ended up on the bottom of the heap. We, THOUGHT, he just had 'nurse maid's elbow' but two doctor's and specialist later it seems the bone just above his wrist is cracked. NOT BROKEN but a little bit cracked. (also a good thing, well it could be worse)Anyway, with all of this stressed, I have a pain in my neck that worsens with each day that passes. And I hope I am not sounding too pathetic here, but I miss my mom. I moved too far away from home to raise my family I've decided. Although I LOVE my community and wouldn't change a thing about my place of employment, my kid's education, or my distance from 'convenience'; I do miss my family. As the holidays approach I feel sadness about being so far away. This recent Halloween photo of Middle Man (the orangutan) friend Stella (the beautiful bee)and Little One (the not so small mouse prior to breaking his arm)makes me smile. It's laughable how serious they all look being so goofy!
Anyway, November is off to a good start and I have a positive outlook about this winter. I'm just a bit gloomy tonight, missing my family and wishing they were closer. I've been fooling around with the colors of my blog background, but now I'm done.
I'm closing with a photo of one of my toddler friends who must have been watching me when I was too lazy to been down to wipe up a spill!!! Caught on film, my two year old friend here decided to 'clean up' her mess using the method I demonstrated! I'm embarrassed and once again I become the student. I won't be lazy again, little eyes are always watching...I am the role model, demonstrating desired behavior and in this case, the undesired. OOPPSS!!

I hope YOU all had a wonderful October and are feeling joy in the amazing historical political happening! No matter your political preference, this election has proven to be one that will be remembered. GO OBAMA!


village mama said...

Love the title of this post, and the snappy dramatic update! Wishing all of you a speedy recovery from the accidents. Wishing you a heartwarming visit with your family. Xo

plaidshoes said...

I have missed you. I am sorry to hear about all the accidents. I am glad to read that things are starting to look up. I know what you mean about missing family. While I live across the street from my in-laws (and they are great), I really miss my family and my hometown. I go through definate periods of intense homesickness. Usually they pass, but my heart will always be a little bit back in Iowa.

Donna said...

Sorry you're month has been so rough. It's probably also contributing to your homesickness. These are the times we tend to lean on our families, but it sounds like yours is a little too far away (at least blogging gives you a virtual "shoulder to cry on"...not the same at all, I know!)

I am anticipating the interesting ideas you will come up with involving your Little One as the holidays approach.

Glad your Tall One is definitely found the blessings in the midst of your personal challenges!

Shannon said...

lots of love to you! Sorry to see your frustrating updates, but grateful to see your words!

Here is to a wonderful November for you, and I hope you get to connect with your family soon, and the distance will feel like it closes in.

I love my family, but a few extended visits and I feel okay about living so far away! lol

Cate said...

oh, man! what a month! the great thing is that it a fresh new month, full of promise and healing wrists and such.
just stumbled upon your blog and am already in love.

Jasmine said...

I think that's a great way to clean a spill whether you're 2 or 32, or 62! As long as it gets mopped up any way is fine with me.

mishamae said...

I love the foot clean up. I think this is a valid way to teach the children to clean up. We use this method for clean up if it is something really gross like pet messes,etc
Your blog was a great find I love seeing how you deal with it all.

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