Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conference Time

So obviously I did a bang up job of posting from the AMS Conference huh? Sorry to disappoint. We were so busy at our booth that I was unable to steal a bloggity moment away. Today and tomorrow we are having parent teacher conferences at school. I know I've said this before but it bears repeating.

I love meeting with parents and connecting about their amazing children. It feels so great to be on the same page. And I have so little time in my busy life to spend with my friends who are parents of young children, like myself, that when I a get the opportunity to commiserate with another parent I enjoy it greatly.

When there is a concern, we talk about it and it's out there you know, talked about and a plan is in place. It's reaffirming. Thank you Cornerspring parents for taking the time to meet with us teachers. It does us all some good, I think. Connecting all of our busy lives, even for a half hour of time, makes a wonderful difference.

Types for teachers:
*Provide snacks (include tea, it's a Montessori school after all)
*Dress nicely :)
*Provide reading materials for waiting families
*Promote your program (summer camp flies, open house advertising)
*Introduce parents to one another (just because you know everyone doesn't mean they know each other.)
*Play pretty music in the back ground (I do this because I like it, no other reason really.)
*Honor everyone's time, keep to a schedule and say this at the beginning of each conference to remind yourself as well as the parent that you will be ending on time.
*Present parents with their child's art work and explain the activity that lead up to it's creation. (so often we don't have the time to explain why we did something the way we did it )
*Show them photos of their child at play....(what parent doesn't love to see photos of their children?)

Happy Conferences!


Leptir (NataĊĦa) said...

I wish happy Easter to you and to your family!

Anonymous said...

I love these tips! I wish the school where I work would take a friendlier approach to conferences. I especially like the part about the pictures and the music. Thanks for sharing!

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