Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Everything is a Process

It's a process, preparing the environment. And I look forward to it being completed!
Have mentioned my new assistant? I LOVE her! She's young and interested in learning MORE, MORE! I love her energy and enthusiasm for this new position she's taken on.
Tonight is our parent orientation night! I'm feeling confident about the room being pulled together before parents arrive, but I am worried I'll forget to say something important.

I am really enjoying this new space! There is a nice amount of sunlight coming in, and after working in several different small rooms, having one space is such a treat! When time allows, I'll post more pictures and descriptions of the works in the classroom. Right now it's a busy time and my focus has been on preparing the environment.
I hope all of you are enjoying building your 'nest' also! Weather it is your classroom or your living room, the children you care for will welcome and appreciate the space your prepare with their needs in mind.
More to come...
Montessori Mama


Shannon said...

It looks really great! I wish we could work together. I know I would learn so much.

amy turn sharp said...

it is awesome! I love the space!

Anonymous said...

I love the light coming through the big windows, too! Seems like a lovely space. So important to prepare. ANd I agree that it is a process. A good reminder!

Unknown said...

It looks very inviting! Good luck with orientation! Hope your year is filled with many happy memories.


Jennifer Howard said...

Thank you everyone!
Wow. I love connecting with people this way. More pictures to follow.
Today we meet the kiddos!
PEACE to you all

Rachel said...

Oh. My. Word. I love this. I just love this!

If only I could teach my children (six of them) how to keep something like this, well, looking like this...

It's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and giving me pleasant daydreams.

Anonymous said...


Could you tell me your source for the round circle area mats?

My new kindergarten friends could use something like this, and the wildly colored alphabet square mats I have started with could be improved upon:)

Jennifer Howard said...

Hi Sarah,
The circle mats are actually chair cushions I just cut the ties off of. I got them for $1 each at the Christmas Tree Shop in Augusta.
Happy shopping! Where are you teaching this year?

Anonymous said...


I'm teaching in Stockton- kindergarten- it all happened very quickly in the middle of August- Linda invited me to the ribbon cutting tonight, and if she gets my message in time, i'll be there!


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