Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mystery Bag by Montessori Mama

Hello Everyone,
As I mentioned I recently took a long car trip with my boys. While traveling (with Montessori Papa at the wheel)I made use of the time to sew this Mystery Bag.
The fabric was wrapping paper around a birthday gift, given to me by my friend Angela for my 30th b-day, colorful spirals because I LOVE spirals, and bright colors because I almost always wear black and she wanted to give me something "cheery".

This Monday it was my 35th birthday. It occurred to me that for five years this fabric has sat under somethings on a shelf. I've passed by it and admired it but that's all. I wanted to make something with it that would get enjoyed often.
And so, I made a Mystery Bag from it! My kiddos have always loved playing with our classroom mystery bag, I am confident they will love it even more because of the cheery colors and of course, the spirals.

I had the most wonderful birthday by the way, I was asked by a friend to attend the birth of her first child! I have always wanted to be a Doula (birthing assistant) and for my birthday this year my wish came true. It was one of the most amazing, miraculous, phantasmagorical experiences of my life! Baby Lydia was born at 2pm on August 12th, even though her incredible Mama had been in labor since 6am on August 11th!!!

Lydia weighed nine pounds 11 oz!!!! She was born with a full head of curly dark brown hair and long fingernails (she was almost two weeks late). I will never ever forget the past two days. To take part in the beauty, intensity, and love that filled those hours of labor...I feel honored and blessed to be included in it all.
Thank you Lydia and family for the BEST birthday gift I've ever received.

PEACE to all, enjoy your babies (big and small).


Marcy said...

Aw what a great way to celebrate a birthday! I imagine being present at a birth, while not having to do the actual pushing yourself, must be quite magical. ; )

Anonymous said...

That bag is so cheery and bright. I love it!

What a great birthday present, too! congrats to you and the new mama!

plaidshoes said...

Happy Birthday (a little late ;-)! I love the bag - you are right, it shouldn't be left on a shelf - it should be out, admired and used!

Jennifer Howard said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm writing from the UUA down in Boston. I would like to correspond with you, but I can't find an email address on the blog. Maybe you'll drop me a line? my name is Darry Madden and my email is thanks!

Lindart said...

What a beautiful bag, and the memories that go with it!

MerrandaVK said...

I just recently inherited a sewing machine and am looking for simple projects - and this is one I plan to try. Now to find some interesting material like yours :) The mystery bag we use at home is boring white. Yours is beautiful by the way.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and wow to be present at the birth of your friend's baby how special

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