Sunday, August 31, 2008

And so, I keep at it...

Here is a sketch, an idea for an illustration for my book.
My publisher awaits more, NOW. And I have fallen behind. I prefer to work in paper, cutting and gluing and giving shape and depth to a figure rather than be dependent on my line drawings. The problem is that this book is to be printed on lavender paper and requires simple line drawings. I'm out of my comfort zone. But, I so want to be the illustrator of my own book! I mean how cool would that be?! I'm in need of constructive criticism, I know I have not shared the book with you all but from these few sketches I wonder if you could give me feedback. Am I on the right track? Do you want to see more?
Any comments are welcome.
Thank you


Super Fun Mama said...

I think your drawings are really good! I'd love to see more!

Angel Funk said...

I love the illustrations! Beautiful. And the text, too. What kind of feedback do you need?

The papercuts would be amazing but I'm sure take a lot more time than line drawing. Is that your limitation?

M said...

These are precious little drawings. If you are uncomfortable with just line why not add some patterns to the clothing or something. Maybe you could photocopy something like origami paper so that it is black and white and cut them and paste them onto your drawings. You cold also use fabric. I love looking at the black and white fabric in the fabric stores. You could put the patterns behind the people too. There is so much you could do....just photocopy your drawings and play on top of them.

You could also add washes to the drawings. Just get some light paper and wet them then add drops of black ink onto them and play around. Then you could cut those out and play with sticking them onto you sketches, or you could just wash right onto your sketches.

I'm not sure what the content of your book is about, but I think these simple line sketches are quite sweet in and of themselves.

Have fun!

Jennifer Howard said...

Thank you for the feed back ladies.
This is what I'm needing, suggestions are very helpful.
I think I will add so black and white patterns and see how they reproduce.
I'll post more soon.
Thanks again...

amy turn sharp said...

Jen- I love them! Awesome! more!

Jennifer Howard said...

Well I received word this afternoon that my publisher has decided to go with another artist for my book. It's a little discouraging but I am so happy this little story will be published one day, that I'm okay if another artist illustrates it. It would have been nice though.
Thank you for your encouraging words and kind thoughts,

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