Saturday, August 9, 2008

Montessori Papa is HOME and off we go!

Papa Montessori returned home to us on August 1st, since then we have been traveling to visit family AND having allot of much needed fun along the way. Here's a shot of my four guys at a children museum. I got allot of inspiration for my classroom from this trip and took a ton of photos. I can't wait to get started!

With Papa Montessori home to bounce ideas off of and my Director Paula for support and encouragement, this should go smoothly, building a classroom from scratch. This morning I inventoried some supplies that were recently delivered. Little One tried to climb in the box with the packing peanuts and close the lid! He's been a wild one since returning home! That's what happens when THIS toddler's routine is interrupted.

It's nice to be home!
I'll post again very soon.
Thanks for reading everybody.
If you have any toddler classroom items your toddler can't live without, please share! I'm curious if I've thought of everything? Ha-Ha...I KNOW that's not possible but being me, I like to try. :)
Montessori Mama

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Melissa said...

Most of our montessori work is put away for the summer, but we have a few things that O still likes to use everyday. She loves the lentil tray, washing windows, and the knobbed cylinders. I can't wait to hear more about your classroom!

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