Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bye Mom, It's Off to School I Go

Well here he is, Little One, not so little anymore, off to "MY school". Everything is "MY" this week. He's happy and aside from some occasional transition issues, he's lasting until just about lunch time before he starts asking for Middle Man (his favorite person in all the world) his big brother. Lunch is tricky, but I think it will get easier next week when other children will stay too. Tomorrow is the last day of Phase-In.
Montessori Papa is hanging in, his first week teaching 6 to 12 year old children in a Montessori classroom. Middle Man is one of his students. This should be an interesting year for our family. Little one with me, Middle Man with Papa, Bigger Than Me a sophmore in high school! Yesterday was his birthday, he is now 16!!!
Where does the time go? Bigger Than Me was once upon a time, Little One and it seems only Middle Man's age for a moment! Tonight I signed his permission forms for Drivers Ed!!!!!
Next week I'll post about the classroom works. Some of you have been emailing me for details. The MOST popular activities in the toddler room right now are:

Mellisa and Doug's wooden veggie cutting
the one to ten teddy bears
the pink tower
the five little ducks language book basket

I'll share more soon.
As always,
Thanks for reading!


plaidshoes said...

Oh my goodness he is just too cute! I am glad to hear that overall the school year is starting so well. I really like being in the classroom with my little one. I love seeing his smile of accomplishment.

16!! Wow the years do go by so fast. I can't imagine having a child drive. I think I would be in a constant state of worry ;-)

Shannon said...

very sweet. your post actually made me almost tear up!

danielle-laryn said...

I really enjoy your blog and peaceful activities, especially the peace corner! I am thinking how i can make one in my very energetic sunday school class!

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