Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall Window Hangings

The children seemed to enjoy making these pretty window decorations, both the process and the end result. (Which is odd for such process oriented beings) They were very interested in which one they made and in the telling of that very important fact to others. It's really very sweet and I'm happy they like them. I anticipate we will be working with clear contact paper allot this school year.
So this is how we did it:
We (teachers) cut pieces of contact paper into various shapes and placed them sticky side UP on the table in front of each child. Then we provided them with cut paper scraps, flowers and leaves. The children chose which objects to stick on their paper and where they wanted everything to go. Once they were done with their creations we covered them with another piece of contact paper, then punched holes in the top and added yarn to hang from a stick. (*The child collected the flowers and leaves and even the sticks!) They seemed to really enjoy the project and the end result was beautiful! Almost every parent has commented on how pretty they are hanging in the window.
I try and do this project every season, using various materials: pine needles, dry leaves, beach sand, brushed wool...the list is endless!
*Remember to include the child's name some where, we wrote them on a leaf shaped piece of paper that they added to their almost finished creations.
Happy Collecting!
Montessori Mama


Professional Mommy said...

Oh those look cute!

Shay said...

How lovely! Very nice.

Karin said...

Beautiful! I've got to do some of these things. :-)

writinggb said...

Lovely. I brought a colorful leaf into my classroom (college) yesterday for the first day of fall. I placed it on our document camera (high tech classroom!) and projected the leaf onto the screen.

Some kid thought he was doing me a favor in pointing out, "Hey, prof, there's a leaf on your screen." He had not noticed that I put it there on purpose.

I smiled and read a poem about Autumn.

"Ah," he said, "I get it."

Sadaf Trimarchi said...

I LOVE this idea! Both my kids have a habit of picking leaves and acorns and twigs up off the ground at every opportunity. I wind up holding them, and have been wondering if I could find a craft to use them. This sounds perfect. I don't have contact paper at home, but maybe I can just improvise with regular glue and a paintbrush. I like the way you've hung them so much!


Angela said...

saw this craft post linked on the craft crow. very nice! we'll give it a try!

brianna said...

Beautiful! Do you think it would work if I use my laminator instead of contact paper?


kimberly said...

Hi there, I just found your blog when I was searching for the dolls pictured in "How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way"....the wooden doll you show in your Georgia artist basket looks similar! Can you tell me where you found this? We are new to Montessori and are collecting things for our homeschool. Thank you!

Suzanne said...

Oh those look adorable, gonna have to try them:-)

Montessori Mama said...

Thank you ALL!
Wow what lovely comments!
To answer a few questions...
1) The dolls I use in my artist baskets were purchased at a local toy store and are made by the Ryan company.
2.) A laminator would work wonderfully! I envy you for having one :)
3.) Glue and a paint brush would look different but still pretty, go for it and tell me how it turns out!
Happy First Day of Fall to all!

Pecos Blue said...

Great idea. I love it!

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